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ohmyholy lee pace is one fiiiiiine lookin man

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Shall I be her?

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Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012) + Lily Allen’s Littlest Things

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"Do you ever feel like you’re not accomplishing anything at all?"

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Favorite scene from Agnes Varda’s documentary, Gleaners and I. I would love to meet Agnes in person. 

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me looking up words on urban dictionary

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how do people even motivate themselves to do homework i want to know

i think about the following possibility: the year is 2050. i am still scrolling through tumblr, reblogging posts about how i spend more time on tumblr than in the real world with my nanna friends, how i will be forever alone with my 30 cats and laughing at posts from pesky youths complaining about the school system and how its failing them and how they’re going to do whatever they want then i realise oh god no, they didn’t fail me. they told me to study hard and get a degree but i laughed at them instead. and then someone whispers in my ear you failed yourself

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❝ Surely you and I are beyond speaking when words are clearly not enough. ❞
Mansfield Park (1999)
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i think actors unintentionally make about 50% of the acting choices we think they made intentionally

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most anticipated films of 2014

Wish I Was Here dir. Zach Braff

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"I’m into, uh, well, murders and executions, mostly"

American Psycho (2000)

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