i shall conquer this
Pam, australia, 20s
but i am slow thinking and full of interior rules that act as brakes on my desires
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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basement fighter(s)

favourite tv series episodes:
Community - Introduction to Statistics (s01x07)

I must be out there in the night, staying vigilant, where ever a party needs to be saved, I’m there. Where ever there are masks, where ever there are tomfoolery and joy, I’m there. But sometimes I’m not because I’m out in the night, staying vigilant, watching, lurking, running, jumping, hurdling, sleeping… No. I can’t sleep. You sleep, I’m awake. I don’t sleep. I don’t blink. Am I a bird? No. I’m a bat. I am Batman. Or am I? Yes, I am Batman. Happy Halloween.