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[insert and that’s the gospel truth gif here]

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me every single day of the week

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me looking up words on urban dictionary

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I Didn’t Write This

dir. by Yulin Kuang;
ep. 6 Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

April 1st
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❝ Shyness is only the effect of a sense of inferiority in some way or other. If I could persuade myself that my manners were perfectly easy and graceful, I should not be shy. ❞
— Jane Austen (via austenchanted)
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You wanna know what gets me off? What really turns me on? Writing an essay without changing the default size 11 Calibri font with no line spacing, and then changing it to size 12 Times New Roman with double spacing and seeing it grow from 3 to 5 pages. Yeah, that really gets me going.

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February 25th
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whoa! Sookie, don’t do math. You know that hurts your head.

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forgetting hot beverages and remembering them when they are cold beverages is a cruel reminder of the passage of time and how it can appear like nothing has changed but it has 

but it has 

oh my god thank u for this post i just remembered my tea

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February 22nd
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when did 10:00 go from “hm i should start getting ready for bed” to “hm not too late to start a movie”

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me and my doomed otps