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Pam, Australia.

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basement fighter(s)
They train young men to drop fire on people. But their commanders won’t allow them to write "fuck!" on their airplanes, because it’s obscene!
John Milius, Apocalypse Now original script
Movies can be anything. They can be escape or they can be confrontation. It’s an incredibly malleable art form, which takes the best out of every other art form – writing, music, performance, visual imagery. It’s such a complete art at its best.
Daniel Radcliffe’s answer to 'What do you love about movies?' (via cinemove)
Somewhere, things must be beautiful and vivid. Somewhere else, life has to be beautiful and vivid and rich. Not like this muted palette―a pale blue bedroom, washed out sunny sky, dull green yellow brown of the fields. Here, I know ever twist of every road, every blade of grass, every face in this town, and I am suffocating.
Lisa Ann Sandell, A Map of the Known (via splitterherzen)
There’s more beauty in truth, even if it is dreadful beauty.
John Steinbeck, East of Eden (via quoteunq)
Compassion is the key to the ultimate survival of our species.
Doug Dillon (via observando)
Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep living. You will find your happiness.
Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (via observando)
He was, like the rest of us, alone — but also, I must say, he was the first that struck one as being, deeply and truly, lonely
Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel
It’s amazing how words can do that, just shred your insides apart.
Lauren Oliver, Delirium #1 (via dolenti)
The more I see, the less I know for sure.
John Lennon (via observando)
What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.
Unknown (via kingofcolorado)
Any film that looks at war straight in the face has a message.

“Why is it we can’t put that type of activity behind us? Why do we not seem to be able to learn? Why do we take our beautiful young people and do this to them?”
Francis Ford Coppola (x)
You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.
Good Will Hunting
You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.
Robin Williams